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Blue Veins in Feet can be treated with Varicose Vein Treatments in Dunedin, FL

When vein valves above your varicose veins fail, corona phlebectasia could result; which is a psychical sign of vein problems. There is a solution to this problem with a simple laser treatment in Dunedin, Florida. One of the best varicose vein doctors in the United States is located in Dunedin. Just watch this video and decide for yourself. Corona phlebectasia is a series of blue varicose veins which appear on your feet. If you look at your feet and see this, think about getting an ultrasound. An ultrasound will show if you have failed valves in your veins above the problem area, which causes problems further down the vein structure, thus blue feet. These varicose veins can be easily treated in Dunedin, FL at Mountcastle Vein Centers with a simple laser treatment. We have treated people from all over the country with varicose veins. We also have many offices all over Tampa Bay Florida to serve you.

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The only person who should have Blue Feet is a Smurf

Smurfs have Blue Feet

Smurfs have Blue Feet

Corona Phlebectasia – a sign of vein valve failure

What is Corona Phlebectasia?

  • Corona Phlebectasia (CP) is an important physical sign of vein disease.
  • CP is a pattern of small blue veins at the ankle and foot.
  • CP is thought to be an early sign of advanced vein disease.
  • CP often indicates failed valves in the smaller or greater saphenous veins, two of the five vein systems that drain the surface of each leg.

What should be done?

First Step:

A complete venous insufficiency ultrasound should be done while standing!

(If you have ever had a venous insufficiency exam done while your  were lying done, you have had  what is now considered an inadequate and incomplete study…..one that misses the diagnosis of venous insufficiency in four of the five systems that drain the surface of each leg!)

  • Vein disease is, after all, an issue of gravity and its effect on valves and veins. 
  • This diagnostic ultrasound procedure is paid for by insurances, is done in our office, and requires about one hour of your time.

Second Step:

  • A simple laser closure of the failed vein (EndoVenous Laser Treatment – EVLT) should be performed.  This is a 20 minute procedure done in our offices. EVLT is gentle, very effective, very safe and painless.
  • After the EVLT, your leg will feel better and signs and symptoms of venous valve insufficiency will begin to resolve immediately.

Third Step:

  • Several sessions of superficial sclerotherapy (Spider Vein Treatment – SVT) will close blue veins at the foot and ankle.
  • SVT sessions will require 20 minutes each.
  • Your ankles and feet will look and feel much younger after these treatments.
  • Your chance of bleeding from broken veins will be greatly reduced.

Why close the incompetent vein?

  • Vein valve failure causes increased pressure in the veins below the effected vein.
  • Pressure from the column of blood above failed vein valves causes dilation of the vein system below and leakage from vein capillaries.  This causes the progressive symptoms and signs of vein disease.
  • Signs and Symptoms – Unchecked, the venous hypertension that results from failed valves can cause the following: deterioration of the skin, ulceration, edema, bleeding varicosities,  night cramps, “secondary” restless legs, painful and ‘tired’ legs, spider and larger reticular veins, and varicose veins with increased risk of phlebitis and deep vein clots.
  • Deterioration – It is important to stop further injury and to repair the damage this vein hypertension has caused. Venous hypertension disease.  With modern technology, venous hypertension is very easy to treat in the office.  Vein treatments are painless, safe, effective, require no ‘down’ time and are paid for by insurances and Medicare.
  • Early detection is important. 
Examples of Corona Phlebectasia

Examples of Corona Phlebectasia